Digital IC Verification Engineer

Job responsibilities

1. Engage in logic design verification of MCU and communication / navigation baseband based on top process nodes (28nm, 14 / 12NM), and advanced peripherals (DDR, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.). Extract test targets and write incentives;

2. Responsible for developing module level and system level verification environment, verification script tools, and maintaining verification process;

3. Work closely with design engineers to understand module and chip design specifications;

4. Be able to develop on the test platform, direct test case and randomized test case design and function coverage generation based on high-level hardware language such as SystemVerilog are preferred;

5. Be able to cooperate with design and firmware engineers to verify and debug FPGA platform, and apply advanced verification methods to project verification.

Job requirements

1. Proficient in Verilog / SystemVerilog RTL verification, with more than two years of practical engineering design experience;

2. Familiar with IP integration process;

3. Familiar with FPGA debugging;

4. Familiar with Perl or Python scripting language is preferred.

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