Digital IC Design Engineer

Job responsibilities

1. Be engaged in the logic design and implementation of MCU and communication / navigation baseband based on top process nodes (28nm, 14 / 12NM), and advanced peripherals (DDR, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.);

2. Determine design requirements, write design documents and complete code implementation, and participate in the whole process of chip development;

3. Participate in IP module design verification and SOC system verification, and assist in completing the corresponding FPGA verification;

4. Participate in FPGA chip prototype design.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics or computer related major;

2. Proficient in Verilog / SystemVerilog RTL design, with more than two years of practical engineering design experience;

3. Familiar with computer system structure or ARM SoC system;

4. Familiar with Verilog / SystemVerilog language;

5. Familiar with IP integration process and chip implementation process.

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