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  • Precision
  • Perception
  • Intelligence

Facing the intelligent driving market, while leading technological innovation, it puts safety first, and provides more accurate decisions for vehicles through high-performance computing power, thereby providing people with safe and efficient travel services.

A high-credibility and high-precision positioning chip has been launched. Through the high-precision centimeter-level positioning technology, it can provide accurate vehicle position and attitude for the path planning and vehicle control of the automatic driving system, and realize the precise positioning of the current position.

We are committed to providing a powerful sensor fusion platform in line with functional safety, and helps vehicles make decisions according to perceived environmental information through powerful sensing and computing functions.

Through v2x (Internet of vehicles) technology, an efficient traffic system of "people, vehicles and roads" will be formed, and the "replaced" drivers will enjoy intelligent experience and services through a new human-computer interaction environment.

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