Suzhou runs out of innovation acceleration (looking at China along the high speed)
People's Daily

After leaving Shanghai, we proceeded along the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and soon entered the territory of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

The Suzhou section of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, known as one of the busiest expressways in China, has witnessed the renewal and iteration of industrial development in the Yangtze River Delta. After the development and opening of Pudong, Suzhou has become a place for the transfer of the global electronic information industry. Today, in addition to the electronic information industry, an innovative economy is booming on both sides of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in Suzhou.

'Welcome to experience the autopilot service of Murphy Speed, please fasten your seat belt, and we will set off immediately.' In Murphy Technology's unmanned test vehicle, the staff slowly left the steering wheel with both hands, released the accelerator with the right foot, and the test vehicle began Ride smoothly.

Chu Speed Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise settled in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, and has developed a number of autonomous driving solutions. 'At present, we are going from Suzhou to the world, and we have established cooperative relationships with many top auto factories and Tier 1 suppliers.' said Cao Xudong, CEO of Mushi Speed Technology Co., Ltd. The company has established an engineering center, product center and business center in Xiangcheng District. Center to fully promote the mass production of autonomous driving technology.

On the 'smart road section' of the autonomous driving test area in Xiangcheng District, the reporter found that a heavy-duty truck was undergoing an unmanned test. This heavy-duty logistics truck with a rear-mounted freight car enters the warehouse after accurate route planning, acceleration and deceleration, and lane changes, and then stops at the designated position with centimeter-level accuracy. This test vehicle 'J7L3', which adopts the domestic leading driverless technology, comes from Zhijia Technology.

'We will use our own technology to transform and build an autonomous logistics fleet of 1,000 trucks within three years to promote the large-scale commercial application of driverless technology,' said Rong Li, general manager of Zhijia Technology China.

After several years of hard work, the autonomous vehicle industry in Xiangcheng District has begun to take shape. Unmanned cleaning and disinfection vehicles that can work continuously for 8 hours, unmanned delivery vehicles that deliver 400 meals at a time, unmanned outdoor cleaning vehicles that are on call 24 hours a day, and unmanned vending vehicles that stop at the wave of your hand... One application model appears from time to time. Xiangcheng District has become the first batch of pilot areas for the Internet of Vehicles in Jiangsu Province and the first digital transportation demonstration area in Jiangsu Province, forming 'smart cars, smart roads, and flexible networks'.

Near the Suzhou North High-speed Railway Station in Xiangcheng District, a green driverless minibus is driving unhurriedly. There are 9 passenger seats in the carriage, which are controlled by the automatic driving system built by Qingzhou Zhihang Company. The driver who was originally sitting in the driving seat has become a safety officer to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. Citizen Guo Hongliang likes to take an unmanned minibus to a nearby shopping mall for lunch. 'The unmanned minibus is very smart and full of technology.'

Sitting in the driverless test car, you can enjoy the scenery along the way and feel the boom of industrial development. This fertile land of China's open economy, now equipped with an innovative engine, is moving forward.